Three Reasons to Exercise!


Pretty much everyone knows exercise is good for you in many different ways. BUT it is also very good for your skin.
Let’s discuss how this is true.

#1. Exercise increases blood flow, and when that happens
there are a lot of nutrients and oxygen carried to the cells in the body.

#2: Not only do those cells get those wonderful nutrients and oxygen,
the increased blood flow also works to take all the waste products,
including those nasty free radicals away from the cells.
You may have heard exercise detoxifies the skin. That is not the case.
Exercise does, however, help to flush bad stuff from the cellular out of the system.

#3: Exercise can ease the stress a person is facing.
Stress as most of us know can show itself by creating acne and those with eczema, well it tends to flare up.
Exercise can improve the skin by reducing the stress, getting rid of the bad stuff,
and reducing the outward stuff we don’t like to see.

One thing to note here, is to mention if you have some skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, or maybe you have psoriasis, it does not mean you cannot exercise. Discuss it with your physician, and for most, if you properly protect your skin while you exercise, you too will benefit from the three ways exercise is good for the skin.


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